Soy Sauce Reduces Uric Acid

Soy Sauce Reduces Uric Acid

This is my review of a study showing how soy sauce reduces uric acid. In which I will explain the key points for gout sufferers. So this is for people who are concerned about how diet affects uric acid. Because it helps you discuss your gout diet concerns with health professionals. In the hope that you can support your doctor’s treatment plan with better food choices.

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Li, Huipin, Mouming Zhao, Guowan Su, Lianzhu Lin, and Yong Wang. “Effect of soy sauce on serum uric acid levels in hyperuricemic rats and identification of flazin as a potent xanthine oxidase inhibitor.” Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 64, no. 23 (2016): 4725-4734.

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Soy Sauce Reduces Uric Acid Purpose

The purpose of this study is to measure the uric acid lowering properties of soy sauce in rats. Also to identify which components of soy sauce block uric acid and how they work.

It was reported that soy sauce exhibited antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic, anticataract and antiplatelet activities. However, there was little information on the antihyperuricemic activity of soy sauce, active compounds with xanthine oxidase inhibitory (XOI) activities in soy sauce and the corresponding inhibitory mechanisms on xanthine oxidase (XOD). Thus, this article was aimed to evaluate in vivo antihyperuicemic activity of soy sauce, to identify the active compounds with strong XOI activities in soy sauce, and to further study the corresponding inhibitory mechanisms on XOD.

Jargon-free Abstract

In the jargon-free abstract I present the key points of the original abstract. Replacing jargon with terms more familiar to unqualified people interested in gout. Note that my selection of jargon terms might not match yours. So please leave a note in the feedback form near the end of the page if you need clarification.

Background / Introduction
This is the first report about soy sauce reducing uric acid levels and blocking uric acid production in rats.
Soy sauce was separated and purified to extract 7 components identified as uric acid blockers.
Results / Findings
In addition to blocking uric acid production 3 of the components, flazin, catechol, and genistein, were also antioxidants.

Note: flazin refers to a specific extract from soy sauce that is produced by various plants. It is not the same as the brand of flunarazine that might be prescribed for migraine.

Original Abstract

This is the first report on the ability of soy sauce to effectively reduce the serum uric acid levels and xanthine oxidase (XOD) activities of hyperuricemic rats. Soy sauce was partitioned sequentially into ethyl acetate and water fractions. The ethyl acetate fraction with strong XOD inhibition effect was purified further. On the basis of xanthine oxidase inhibitory (XOI) activity-guided purification, nine compounds including 3,4-dihydroxy ethyl cinnamate, diisobutyl terephthalate, harman, daidzein, flazin, catechol, thymine, genistein, and uracil were obtained. It was the first time that 3,4-dihydroxy ethyl cinnamate and diisobutyl terephthalate had been identified from soy sauce. Flazin with hydroxymethyl furan ketone group at C-1 and carboxyl at C-3 exhibited the strongest XOI activity (IC50 = 0.51 ± 0.05 mM). According to fluorescence quenching and molecular docking experiments, flazin could enter into the catalytic center of XOD to interact with Lys1045, Gln1194, and Arg912 mainly by hydrophobic forces and hydrogen bonds. Flazin, catechol, and genistein not only were potent XOD inhibitors but also held certain antioxidant activities. According to ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) simulation in silico, flazin had good oral bioavailability in vivo.

Soy Sauce Reduces Uric Acid Conclusions

Soy sauce is good for gout patients. The study also includes references to issues with sodium intake for gout sufferers. Concluding, soy sauce allows salt reduction in food. So soy sauce is especially useful for gout patients who have also been advised to lower salt intake.

In conclusion, daily consumption of soy sauce could mitigate the elevated uric acid levels appropriately for hyperuricemic patients, especially if they had a predisposition or known condition where reduced NaCl intake was recommended.

There is also potential for incorporating flazin extract into uric acid treatment.

flazin had good intestinal absorption and low blood brain penetration. So flazin was a potential XOD inhibitor with good oral bioavailability in vivo.

Soy Sauce Lowers Uric Acid
Soy Sauce Lowers Uric Acid

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Soy Sauce Reduces Uric Acid Vocabulary

  • NaCl (Sodium Chloride)

    common salt

  • XOD (Xanthine Oxidase)

    an enzyme that promotes uric acid production

  • XOI (Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor)

    uric acid blocker (see Uric Acid Blockers)