Uric Acid Crystals Damage Hands

Uric Acid Crystals Damage Hands

This is my review of a uric acid crystals study. In which I will explain the key points for gout sufferers. So this is for people who are concerned about how gout affects hands. Because it helps you discuss your gout damage concerns with health professionals. In the hope that you can understand your doctor’s diagnosis and seek treatment.

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This is a GoutPal review of:
Stewart, Sarah, Opetaia Aati, Anne Horne, Anthony J. Doyle, and Nicola Dalbeth. “Radiographic damage scores predict grip strength in patients with tophaceous gout.” Rheumatology (2019).

At the time of writing, this study has not been cited by any other studies.

Uric Acid Crystals Damage Hands Purpose

This report is in the form of a letter referring to gout sufferers affected by lumps of uric acid crystals. With the aim of testing if damage revealed by X-rays could predict grip strength scores.

The aim of this analysis was to determine whether radiographic damage scores predict grip strength, an objective measure of hand function, in people with tophaceous gout.

Jargon-free Abstract

In jargon-free abstracts I usually present the key points of the original abstract. However, this letter is published without an abstract. So I have written this short review using the original content in the format of an abstract.

I’ve replaced jargon with terms more familiar to unqualified people interested in gout. Note that my selection of jargon terms might not match yours. So please leave a note in the feedback form near the end of the page if you need clarification.

Background / Introduction
Earlier studies show that uric acid lumps (tophi) affect gout sufferer’s hand function and grip strength.
The study analyzed 100 people with at least one lump of uric acid crystals under the skin. Records were compiled for:
  • Count of uric aid lumps.
  • Grip strength score.
  • Hand X-rays.

X-rays were scored for bone erosion damage.

Results / Findings
Hand erosion scores independently predict 35% of grip strength variance. When gender, age, and uric acid crystal lump counts are included, the prediction level rises to 56%.

Uric Acid Crystals Damage Hands Conclusions

Uric acid crystals cause bone erosion detectable by x-rays. This damage is linked to impaired physical hand function.

Radiographic damage in the hands predicts grip strength in people with tophaceous gout […] These results demonstrate the close relationship between radiographic damage and objective physical function in tophaceous gout.

Gouty Tophi Destroy Bones and Grip Strength media
Uric Acid Crystal Lumps Destroy Bones and Grip Strength

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Hand Damage from Uric Acid Crystals
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Uric Acid Crystals Damage Hands Vocabulary

  • tophaceous

    – having, or related to lumps of uric acid crystals (see tophus)

  • tophus (plural = tophi)

    – lump of uric acid crystals

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