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This section of The GoutPal Story describes GoutPal.info. Specifically, why I created it, and what it will do for you.

Please note that this website is definitely not about gout, uric acid, or any aspect of managing gouty arthritis. Because I cover those topics on my other GoutPal websites.

Instead, this website describes why and how I created GoutPal. Also some history and evolving plans. Because the project has grown far beyond my early intention as a personal gout diary and learning tool. So I like to continue telling the GoutPal story as an adjunct to Keith Taylor’s Internet Profile Blog.

About GoutPal

GoutPal is my brand name for a collection of websites and associated services that give friendly gout advice. Specifically, I publish information that helps gout patients get better help from their doctors. Because I teach them how to ask their doctors better questions. Then I help them understand their doctor’s advice.

But here, I simply describe what I’ve published under the GoutPal banner. Also what I plan to do next. Because I want visitors to understand why I present GoutPal in the way I do. So they can use my services more effectively.

About The GoutPal Story

My mission statement for GoutPal.info is:

[In Preparation]

Which is the short form of my GoutPal Story Purpose Statement from the first page of my website summary:

Purpose of GoutPal Story
The purpose of GoutPal.info is to help you understand how GoutPal works. So you know which GoutPal website to turn to at different stages of your gout journey.
Contact GoutPal
GoutPal is owned and managed by Keith Taylor. So this is just a link to my personal contact page. However, I plan to introduce a better GoutPal contact page soon. Because I want to highlight the different levels of service you can expect for different types of gout questions.
GoutPal Privacy Policy
I apply the same privacy standards to all my websites. So this is just a link to Keith Taylor’s Privacy Policy. But I might introduce site-specific policy pages at a later date.
GoutPal Terms and Conditions
At the moment, I also apply Keith Taylor’s Terms and Conditions here.
Notifications for GoutPal Story
My GoutPal stories are sporadic. Because I spend time helping gout sufferers instead of writing about GoutPal. So subscribe here to make sure you never miss an important update.

Why GoutPal banner
Remember, you can ask about any aspect of gout or GoutPal in my forum. So tell Your GoutPal Story now.

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