Purpose of GoutPal.info

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Purpose of GoutPal.info

The purpose of The GoutPal Story is to describe how GoutPal has changed over the years. Also, I publish occasional forward-thinking articles about GoutPal’s planned direction and new features. Because I have grown the GoutPal brand across several websites. So this website helps you understand the reasons why GoutPal operates as it does.

As noted in the About Page, there is no medical information for you on this website. So I do not highlight my usual disclaimer. But, you should always be aware that gout is a serious, often fatal disease. Therefore my overarching purpose of all GoutPal websites is to encourage better discussions between you and your doctor.

To that end, GoutPal.info serves 2 purposes:

  1. To help frequent GoutPal visitors find relevant information faster. Because that helps them maintain a better dialog with their doctors. Which should lead to better quality of gout recovery.
  2. To help me “fly a kite” about planned changes to GoutPal services. Because that allows better input from my readers. Which should lead to better quality of GoutPal information.

Why GoutPal.info?

Let’s be clear. You do not need to read The GoutPal Story to help your gout. But if you’re a fan of GoutPal, it’s nice to have some background information. In reality, only a small percentage of visitors are interested in the workings of my websites. So I rarely publish information here.

Occasionally, there are big changes in the world of gout. Or I find that technology makes new ways of providing support a better proposition. So those circumstances allow me to record historical perspectives and explore potential improvements.

For example, a recent gout study explains how patients become engaged with the management of their disease [1]. Specifically, it concludes that healthcare providers can improve outcomes by adapting their care delivery to match the patient’s experiences across a range of factors.

This study provides insight into factors that support optimal management and has constructed a framework for elucidating the process of becoming engaged in gout management. By understanding the entire continuum of patient engagement in gout management, healthcare providers, including rheumatologists as well as allied health professionals, can adapt care delivery to patients who require support in specific domains.

Now, this is a comprehensive analysis of how patients adapt to different events between diagnosis and recovery. Interestingly, we’ve seen all the gout patient quotes from the report in the gout forum over the years. More importantly, the report authors have categorized these responses across 3 themes. So it’s the perfect opportunity for me to focus my articles and website navigation in the same direction.

To me, it’s the biggest advance in gout patient care since professional rheumatology guidelines. Because this type of information is exactly what improves frontline gout care. So it makes perfect sense for me to organize my information in the same way as your carers. That way, it’s easy for patients to identify where they need more support. Then doctors “can adapt care delivery” in the most meaningful way.

I’ll be writing much more about this soon. In the meantime, if you see anything missing from any GoutPal website, you can always ask in my gout forum.

So I invite you to make the best use of The GoutPal Story to encourage forward-thinking in your discussions with your doctors. Because that’s a sure-fire way to improve your quality of life.

GoutPal Story Mission

How will my mission help Your Gout Story?

Your GoutPal Story

GoutPal is part of a bigger online support network. But I want to apply common principles across all my websites. So, I’ll adapt my Life Purpose to your GoutPal needs:

Who Am I?

Keith Taylor, your GoutPal publisher friend.

What Do I Do?

Manage a group of gout information websites that encourage better dialog between gout sufferers and their healthcare providers.

Who For?

Fans of GoutPal.

What do they Want?

To know how and why GoutPal is different from other gout information websites.

How do they Change?

They learn to use GoutPal resources better.

So my mission is: GoutPal.info helps you enjoy learning more about your favorite gout support resource. So you know the best ways for fast gout recovery.

For clarification, you can share your questions, experiences and opinions about GoutPal.

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Purpose of GoutPal.info References

  1. Howren, Alyssa, Susan M. Cox, Kam Shojania, Sharan K. Rai, Hyon K. Choi, and Mary A. De Vera. “How patients with gout become engaged in disease management: a constructivist grounded theory study.” Arthritis research & therapy 20, no. 1 (2018): 110.

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