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In GoutPal Gout Sufferer Organization, I plan, and monitor organization of gout sufferer information at GoutPal. You can follow progress of improving gout management information for all types of gout sufferer.

GoutPal Gout Sufferer Organization Audience

I wrote GoutPal Gout Sufferer Organization to help me plan and improve GoutPal.com and GoutPal.net. So, are you interested in helping me improve GoutPal services for gout sufferers? Then, please see the links throughout this article. Otherwise, I recommend you read Questions for Gout Sufferers.

GoutPal Gout Sufferer Organization

I continue to improve organization of GoutPal around different types of gout sufferer. Therefore, each gout sufferer type should have it’s own version of various important features. To explain, here’s a list of required features:

1. Main Starting point.
Currently, this is a blog formed as GoutPal Plan for… But, ultimately, it will evolve to be a page within a gout sufferer type hierarchy. So, when hierarchy established, change terminology on other items to match. But, for this phase, simply change title, keeping old slug.
2. Category
Blog support for main page (Facts for Gout Sufferer Type (GST)).
3. Improving.
GoutPal.net blog discussion for improving GoutPal.com facts (Improving GP-com Title). Each improving page should cover all these features.
4. Forum Author.
Check author page and forum profile link to Main GP-com Page.
5. Topic Tag.
Change to Forum for Gout Sufferer Type.
6. Mentor Information.
Improve current mentor page as an overview. With example of typical role for each GST.
7. Diary Example.
Example diary can be updated with extracts from current forum posts. Once developed, create templates for user diaries.
8. (8a-8g) Plan Details.
7 Steps for each plan explaining how to move forward. Steps might have several options.
9. Managed Plan Examples.
Templates for user plans. Summarize at least one diary example per GST, as a plan on GoutPal.com.
10. Site Map.
A mind map for each type.
11. Index?
Possible autogenerated index of tags for each category.
12. Discussion Type.
As blogs for improving increase, there will become a time when GoutPal.net needs categories. But, this is for future years, as GoutPal.net evolves.

All GoutPal Suggestions should be analyzed for gout sufferer type. Discussions might be moderated to encourage multiple related suggestions for different sufferer types, where appropriate.

GoutPal Gout Sufferer Organization Progress

Row numbers refer to features described above. As completed, add link to feature.

GoutPal Gout Sufferer Organization Schedule

  1. Starting from Questions for Gout Sufferers, complete first 5 items for all groups.
  2. Search and change links to Group overview. Then delete and redirect.
  3. Create homepage for GoutPal.net. Best format is Choice: either Step-By-Step Or, Lots of explanations. Then, for step by step, its:
    1. Gout Sufferer Type.
    2. Start Personal Gout Diary.
    3. Tell me your Goal(s).
  4. Complete each following step for all types, up to step 10.
  5. Review progress. Confirm GST names, and change URLs with redirection where necessary.
  6. Consider final two steps, and complete this project.

Choose your Gout Group image

It’s Your GoutPal Gout Sufferer Organization

I explain my philosophy in It’s Your GoutPal. Therefore, I want you to contribute your experience and opinions. Please contribute to better Gout Sufferer Organization using the links in the table, above. Or, share your experience and opinions in GoutPal’s Suggestion Box. But, if you have questions about your own gout, please ask for personal help in the gout forum.

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