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GoutPal Tags is my second set of working notes. It follows my previous GoutPal Workflow notes. Originally, I published both these articles on Patreon. However, I am closing my Patreon Page, and I’ll explain why later.

GoutPal Research Draft

This draft is part of an experiment in open publishing. In future, this subsection will be replaced by summary notes. It will tell you about the problems and questions that this draft article will answer. But, all notes below will be restricted to committed GoutPal supporters. I’m starting a discussion about this, next time I visit the gout forum.

I am currently working on organizing gout groups sections of websites. I’ll do this here, as part of a GoutPal Story article. Then, I’ll create individual pages, wizard, survey, and summary for GoutPal Groups pages. Working title for replacement to ‘Which Gout Group am I in’ is ‘Choose Your GoutPal Support Group’.

– Current image is best replaced with something based on https://drive.mindmup.com/map/0B4r5K-pSc3TcM2pqYzY4N19tR00 ? ❓
First draft was based on original post about GoutPal Tags, from Patreon (archive).

GoutPal Story Tags

I add tags to my posts on Patreon to help you find what you are interested in. This works the same way on my websites.  To some extent, on my websites, it helps me know what topics people are most interested in. But, it’s better if you just tell me.

As I start here, most of the tags are for GoutPal Story. These are posts about how I work. There will be quite a lot of these at first, as I explain what I am doing. But, my main interest at the moment is Gout Groups.

I want to have lots of posts here for each of GoutPal’s Gout Groups:

  • Arthritis Sufferer Group
  • Secondary Gout Group
  • Gout Victim Group
  • Gout Recce Group
  • Gout Patient Group
  • Gout Herbalist Group
  • Gout Dieter Group
  • Gout Foodie Group
  • Gout Champion Group

I lost some notes about Uric Acid Support here, when computer rebooted. Include mention of uric acid support, but it’s a minor side issue. Main issue is that all groups can only manage gout properly if they manage uric acid.

So, I’ll focus on creating new posts for all those groups. For posts that cover more than one group, I’ll use the Most Gout Sufferers tag. And, for posts that are about Gout Groups (like this one), I’ll use the Gout Groups tag.

Speaking of Gout Groups, it’s way past time for me to update my Gout Group pages for the new names. As a thank you for being a patron, you can see where I’m going in the attached Gout Group map. It’s the basis for improving the existing Gout Groups page. Plus, I’m working on surveys and wizards to make Gout Groups easier.

Choose your Gout Group image

Was this what you expected when you signed up as a GoutPal patron? How can I do things better for you and other gout sufferers?

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  1. Keith Taylor (Post author)

    Similar to the post above, here is a comment pasted from the original post. As such, it needs to be read in the context of that website:

    What do you think of that Gout Groups image? Does it help you understand Gout Groups better?
    Because I’m new to Patreon, I’ve been experimenting with images. I’ve learned that I can include them in three different ways. Hence, the repetition of the image at the top and bottom of this post, plus as an attachment. Which do you prefer? I expect patrons will want to see all the images I produce. Many never make it to the publication stage. But, I’m always interested in your opinions about how I work.

    Ignoring the Patreon-specific stuff, my comments are still relevant.

    As a prospective patron, would you be interested in seeing draft images? Like my other draft content, lots of draft images never see the light of day. Remember, my drafts are not supposed to be perfect. But, seeing them might encourage you to think about aspects of your gout that you haven’t thought of before.

    I intend Drafts to be a small thank you for your support. Any comments you make will be invaluable to me. They help me improve my articles before the complaints! 😉

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