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Vitamins and Uric Acid
Vitamins and Uric Acid

Uric Acid & Vitamins Introduction

The main groups of vitamins associated with gout are vitamins B and C. So I've created subsections in this Uric Acid & Vitamins section for Ascorbic Acid & Uric Acid and Vitamin B and Uric Acid.

So far, I haven't found any meaningful uric acid studies for tocopherol (vitamin E) or phytomenadione (vitamin K). But here are some for retinol (vitamin A) and calciferol (vitamin D).

Uric Acid & Vitamins Studies

Takahashi, Sumio, Tetsuya Yamamoto, Yuji Moriwaki, Zenta Tsutsumi, Jun-ichi Yamakita, and Kazuya Higashino. 1998. “Decreased Serum Concentrations of 1,25(OH)2-Vitamin D3 in Patients with Gout.” Metabolism-Clinical and Experimental 47 (3): 336–38.newThese results suggest that uric acid per se may directly decrease the serum concentration of 1,25(OH)2-vitamin D3 in patients with gout
Ford, Earl S., and Hyon K. Choi. "Associations between concentrations of uric acid with concentrations of vitamin A and beta-carotene among adults in the United States." Nutrition research 33, no. 12 (2013): 995-1002.newConcentrations of uric acid were significantly and positively associated with concentrations of vitamin A and inversely with concentrations of beta-carotene. Also, see Top Beta-Carotene Foods.
Liu, Shi-guo, Yuan-yuan Li, Rui-xia Sun, Jing-li Wang, Xin-de Li, Lin Han, Nan Chu, and Chang-gui Li. 2015. “Polymorphisms in the Vitamin D Receptor and Risk of Gout in Chinese Han Male Population.” Rheumatology International 35 (6): 963–71.newAdditional research is needed to further revaluate possible relationships between multiple vitamin D pathway genes and the progress of gout in a larger size sample. Overall, these results provide evidence that the polymorphisms of VDR [Vitamin D Receptor] might be association with the risk of gout in Chinese Han male population
Lin, Suyun, Guowen Zhang, Yijing Liao, and Deming Gong. 2016. “The Inhibitory Kinetics and Mechanism of Dietary Vitamins D3 and B2 on Xanthine Oxidase.” Food & Function 7 (6): 2849–61.newThe results showed that vitamin D3 competitively inhibited xanthine oxidase (XO) ... In addition, vitamins D3 and B2 showed a synergistic effect on inhibiting the activity of XO in a certain range of concentration.
Vitamins and Uric Acid
Vitamins and Uric Acid

Vitamins & Your Uric Acid

Are you concerned about how your vitamins consumption affects your gout? Then these are some studies that you should discuss with your professional health advisers. But, as you can see from the quotes, this is a complex topic. Since details from the studies show how results are affected by each gout sufferers individual circumstances. Especially with regard to each gout sufferers genetics and comorbidities. So be sure to discuss and arrange suitable tests to ensure your uric acid treatment plan is safe and reliable.

I prioritize completion of these studies according to your feedback. So if you want me to publish a review that is still not complete, let me know. Then I can change my priorities according to your needs.

You can discuss this research, and other uric acid and vitamins investigations in the Gout Forum.

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