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Uric Acid Control Best Practice
Uric Acid Control Best Practice

Uric Acid Treatment Guideline 2020

This review continues my earlier review of Gout Pain Relief Best Practice. So I recommend that you read that first. In particular, my comments about Scope and Intent apply here. But here's a quick recap:

  • This review helps you discuss treatment choices with your doctor.
  • The ACR guideline summarizes published gout research. So it is not fully inclusive.
  • The guideline stresses that patient needs and preferences will override many recommendations.

Uric Acid Treatment Recommendations

The uric acid treatment recommendations are spread across 5 sections. So I will create 5 separate reviews, linked below.

  1. Indications for pharmacologic Urate-Lowering Therapy
  2. Recommendations for choice of initial Urate-Lowering Therapy for patients with gout
    1. Timing of ULT initiation
  3. Recommendations for all patients taking Urate-Lowering Therapy
    1. Duration of ULT
  4. Recommendations for patients taking specific Urate-Lowering Therapy medications
    1. Allopurinol
    2. Febuxostat
    3. Uricosurics
  5. When to consider switching to a new Urate-Lowering Therapy strategy

Your Best Uric Acid Treatment

Please keep returning to read the detailed reviews as I publish them.

Finally, do you have any questions, experiences, or opinions about guidelines for uric acid treatment? If so, please ask in the Gout Forum.

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