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Quorn and Gout Research
Quorn and Gout Research

Like most foods, Quorn is important during three phases of gout progression: causes, starting uric acid cure, and adjusting uric acid cure.

Quorn and Uric Acid Studies

I've summarized three recent studies that investigate how Quorn affects uric acid.

How Much Quorn for Gout?

This 2020 summary is from the third chapter of an extensive study of many aspects of fungal technology. Which describes the introduction of Quorn to the marketplace. It is particularly significant for gout sufferers who are starting their uric acid cure. Because it describes the maximum daily consumption of single-cell protein (SCP) as 2 g.

Whittaker, J.A., Johnson, R.I., Finnigan, T.J., Avery, S.V. and Dyer, P.S., 2020. The biotechnology of quorn mycoprotein: past, present and future challenges. Grand challenges in fungal biotechnology, pp.59-79.

Upon ingestion, purinic nucleic acids are ultimately metabolised to the relatively insoluble uric acid. […] Knowing this, the sale of Quorn™ mycoprotein was approved by MAFF in 1985 on the condition that the nucleic acid content was reduced to within World Health Organization recommendations. These recommendations state that for human consumption of SCP, ingestion of RNA should not exceed 2 g per day for adults.

Quorn Raises Uric Acid

This 2018 investigation seeks to evaluate the effect of daily Quorn consumption on several blood parameters. Including uric acid. By comparing nucleotide-depleted mycoprotein with nucleotide-rich mycoprotein. Resulting in the finding that nucleotide consumption raises uric acid levels with a cumulative effect during one week of daily consumption.

This might be significant to you during the adjusting uric acid cure phase of gout progression. If so, discuss your Quorn consumption with your doctor. Because, reducing the number of days per week that you eat Quorn might help you meet your uric acid target. Coelho, M., Monteyne, A.J., Dirks, M.L., Finnigan, T.J.A., Stephens, F.B. and Wall, B.T., 2018. Substituting meat/fish for mycoprotein for one week does not affect indices of metabolic health irrespective of dietary nucleotide load or serum uric acid concentrations in healthy young adults. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 77(OCE4), p.E207.

if the mycoprotein consumed is high in dietary nucleotides a sustained elevation in serum uric acid concentrations occurs

Purines in Quorn

In 2010, scientists assessed the purine content of nine different Quorn-based foods. So I've extracted the relevant data into the purine content table (currently in preparation). Note that the authors emphasize the importance of comparing purines to total protein.

Many gout sufferers turn to controlling purine consumption as their main uric acid cure. Or as a contributory control in their uric acid treatment package. So if you're starting your purine control, or adjusting it, you need to discuss targets with your doctor.

Havlik, J., Plachy, V., Fernandez, J. and Rada, V., 2010. Dietary purines in vegetarian meat analogues. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 90(14), pp.2352-2357.

the sum of more uricogenic adenine (AD) and hypoxanthine (HX) was expressed in mg kg−1 of 100% protein [indicated later in the text as the (AD+HX)–protein ratio], as meat in a normal diet is generally considered as a main protein source and these bases should be seen in relation to protein content. […] the highest sum (AD+HX)–protein ratio, was determined for Lincolnshire veggie sausages (Cauldron, UK), 3492 mg kg−1 and Quorn Bacon style rashers 3079 mg kg−1 (Marlow Foods, UK). Both these values were comparable with beef muscle meat (3196 mg kg−1).

Quorn and Gout Research
Quorn and Gout Research

Your Quorn and Gout Research

If any of these gout studies seem relevant to your Quorn consumption, then discuss them with your doctor. Because you need to apply the findings to your own medical history and aspirations. As part of your patient-physician gout care partnership. You can also look for the latest Quorn articles in your current gout progression phases:

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You can also discuss this research and other Quorn investigations in the Gout Forum.

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