Uric Acid Testing Smartphone

Uric Acid Testing Smartphone

This is my review of a Uric Acid Testing Smartphone study. In which I will explain the key points for gout sufferers. So this is for people who are concerned about self testing uric acid. Because it helps you discuss your uric acid level concerns with health professionals. In the hope that you can support your doctor’s treatment plan better.

Citation for Uric Acid Testing Smartphone

This is a GoutPal review of:
Guo, Jinhong. "Uric acid monitoring with a smartphone as the electrochemical analyzer." Analytical chemistry 88, no. 24 (2016): 11986-11989.

At the time of writing, this study has been cited by 81 other studies.

Uric Acid Testing Smartphone Purpose

The investigators sought to validate the concept of adapting a smartphone to provide a portable uric acid testing device:

It is a very promising solution to integrate the smartphone with the electrochemical analyzer for point of care monitoring of UA [Uric Acid].

Jargon-free Facts

In this jargon-free review I present the key facts from the original study. Replacing jargon with terms more familiar to unqualified gout sufferers. Note that my selection of jargon terms might not match yours. So please ask in the feedback form near the end of the page if you need clarification.

Uric Acid Testing Smartphone Key Facts

These are the key facts from the study, (original reproduced in footnotes).

  • A low cost electrochemical module can easily be incorporated into smartphone circuitry (c and d in the image below).
  • Test strips are required to isolate blood from circuitry, as with standard uric acid test kits.
  • Intensive testing confirms that uric acid testing smartphones provide results that are compatible with regular test kits.
Researchers Uric Acid Test Kit
Researchers Uric Acid Test Kit

Uric Acid Testing Smartphone Other Facts

  • Test results from smartphones are easily shared through the Internet.
  • Small changes in test results are within expected variances. So you should not infer treatment benefits from small improvements. Because test result changes might be due to processing variations rather than actual uric acid level changes.

Uric Acid Testing Smartphone Conclusions

Smartphone uric acid testers are as accurate as laboratory testers. But are more convenient. Allowing uric acid test results to be shared with doctors for improved treatment.

In order to improve national self-management of gout, the products ensure not only the accuracy and precision to meet the requirements of in vitro [in the lab] diagnostic medical devices but also mobility, health, and safety. We redefine the smartphone and enable it to monitor UA as an electrochemical reader. Patients equipped with such a medical smartphone can upload their blood UA level and can consult an online doctor for better recovery.

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Uric Acid Testing Smartphone Vocabulary

  • in vitro

    ⇢ in the lab (compared to in vivo)

Original Abstract

We report the world’s first medical smartphone as an electrochemical analyzer, which is incorporated with an enzymatic test strip for rapid characterization of UA (uric acid) in peripheral whole blood. A disposable electrochemical uric acid test strip was connected to the electrochemical module integrated with the smartphone through a specific interface, a slot around the edge of smartphone. A 3 μL human finger whole blood drop is applied on the strip for UA evaluation and compared to the clinical biochemical analyzer with satisfactory agreement. The measured data was saved and uploaded into a personal health management center through the mobile Internet.