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Help me make GoutPal For You is my introduction to a new funding initiative. In this article, I explore why seeking funding is relevant and necessary. Later, I’ll follow it up with a specific progress plan.

GoutPal started as my research notes. Then, those notes helped me to understand and control my gout. Over the years, I’ve learned to manage my gout. As a result, my published notes help thousands of other sufferers. I no longer need GoutPal. But, I love helping gout sufferers. So, rather than sell GoutPal, I want to refocus it for gout sufferers, rather than for me.

GoutPal for Me

Back in 2010, I made a commitment to GoutPal. I used a technique I’ve learned to trust:

Focus on what you enjoy in life. Then, find ways to make enough money from it.

I asked myself, if money wasn’t an issue, how would I spend my time? One of my important pleasures is helping gout sufferers. So, I planned to work full time on GoutPal, and see if I could earn enough to pay the bills. It worked.

By 2011, GoutPal was much busier than it is today. I was working on it full time, with some part time help. After my accident, visitor numbers dwindled. I was not focused properly. My work capacity was low. And, I couldn’t afford to pay help. I think I’ve stabilized the decline (personal and GoutPal).

GoutPal Future

Now, I must choose.
Either, continue GoutPal as a part time project.
Or, invest time to return GoutPal to 2011 helpfulness levels.

Part-time GoutPal

As a part-time project, GoutPal reaches around 40,000 gout sufferers a month. Collectively, it gives 2,000 hours of general gout help. And, the forum helps around 30 gout sufferers individually, each month.

Full-time GoutPal

As a full-time project, I can double those helpfulness levels. But long-term, double is not enough. I want to help millions of gout sufferers who cannot get the support they need. To do that, I need to raise GoutPal’s profile. And, I need to repurpose all pages to meet my visitor’s needs.

A large part of that repurposing, is to present facts as lessons, or exercises. This works best when I provide structured help for a specific problem in the gout forum. Then, I use that as a lesson template for gout sufferers in similar situations. But, that process is very time-intensive. Currently, I’m spending too much time reacting to isolated issues. I need to:

  • Invest more time to create structured learning.
  • Fund helpers.
  • Fund better gout support resources.

So, I’m trying Patreon. My first goal is modest. I need to assess if this is going to work. $100 per month will give me confidence. It shows that enough people care about providing independent help for gout sufferers. Then, I can:

  1. Clarify other goals.
  2. Finalize job specs, and seek part-time help.
  3. Investigate personal development to help me make GoutPal more personal for other gout sufferers.
  4. Invest more time developing gout management training.

Ultimately, this can create a team of tutors and mentors who can provide the personal help that millions of gout sufferers need.

GoutPal for You

I need your help. Not only financial commitment, which is the heart of my Patreon project. But also, your ideas and experiences about what will help you best. Together, we can make a bigger difference to the quality of gout care.

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Thank You for your Patronage

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Remember, it’s always about you more than money. It’s your GoutPal.

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