GoutPal’s Gout Network Relaunch

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After many years of running gout forums in various formats, I’ve relaunched the forums as my Gout Network.

Over recent years, forums have declined in popularity. People now have many different choices for interacting on the Internet. As well as social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, we have smartphone apps, video messaging, and many more ways to communicate.

My Gout Network is now a replacement for GoutPal Interactive. As well as gout forums, it forms a hub for many more gout support services

My main task for the rest of 2015 is to start building new discussions in the new gout forums. I may also move popular old gout discussions onto the new network. I’ve reorganized my gout forums to include:

Gout Forum Description Start new topic
Help My Gout! Discuss any aspect of gout. Share your questions, experiences, and opinions here. New general gout topic
Gout Emergency Room If you need gout help fast, please use the emergency gout forum. I check this forum first. New Gout Emergency
GoutPal Member Profiles Create your personal gout profile to help you manage your gout better. New GoutPal Member Profile
GoutPal Suggestion Box GoutPal can always improve. Tell me how to make it easier for you to control your gout. New GoutPal Suggestion
Gout Management Plans For gout problems that go beyond a simple question and answer session. Get structured, personal guidance to plan your way to gout freedom. New Gout Management Plan
Gout Resources Forum Discuss gout resources that you have tried. Ask where to find better gout products and services. Promote your own gout resources (without exploitation). New Gout Resources topic

Of these, my Gout Resources forum is least developed, pending time needed to develop my Gout Resources website. More information about gout resources, coming soon.

GoutPal.net – The Gout Network

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GoutPal’s gout network is all about Stopping Gout Together. At it’s best, it means you and your medical advisers working from the same plans – with me helping you refine those plans wherever you need me.

I simply need you to ask your questions, to share your experiences, and to discuss your opinions. With your ideas, and my gout skills, we can work together to make your gout better.

Please use the gout forum links I’ve listed above, and start getting better gout control today. If you need help using the forums, raise a ticket in my gout helpdesk, or comment below.

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  1. Keith Taylor (Post author)

    A significant milestone today – the first natural post in this new gout forum: http://goutpal.net/forums/topic/joint-damage/

    That’s OK after 2 weeks. Now I’m wondering how many I’ll get by the end of this year. The next significant milestone should be turning off new registrations in the old forum. Target date is 4th Jan (first Monday of 2016). For that to be valid, I need at least as much natural activity in the new forum as in the old.

  2. Keith Taylor (Post author)

    There isn’t as much new natural activity in the new gout forum as I’d hoped for. As you can see from GoutPal Gout Forum New Direction, some of that is my fault.

    I’m working to clear the backlog. I still need you to ask your gouty questions.

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