GoutPal’s Gout Community Reborn?

I’ve hit the milestone with my Gout Support Network that I mentioned last month. When I commented on GoutPal’s Gout Network Relaunch, I hoped for the switch to my new gout forums to take place on Monday. I’ve just made it in the same week, so I’m happy.

It will be sad to say goodbye to Gout-Pal.com. I expect the transition to take several months. There is a helluva lot of great gout information in the old gout forum. Rather than lose that knowledge, I will slowly summarize old discussions.

I’ll incorporate facts into my gout guidelines on GoutPal.com. I’ll try to encourage new discussions about topics that never reached conclusions. Encouraging discussions is a skill I really need to work on. At it’s most popular, the old gout forum attracted several regular members. Many posted several times a day. I can see that I had a different attitude then. There was much I didn’t know about gout. I was learning every day, and that encouraged a sense of community.

I’m still learning about gout. More importantly, I must learn more about how to pass on facts. Discussing gout is a positive way to learn. The resulting knowledge helps gout sufferers get better sooner. So, I must:

  • Continue to discuss new research and it’s implications for gout sufferers.
  • Learn why people register in the GoutPal community, but never contribute.
  • Learn why people post in the forums once, but never return.
  • Make it simpler for people to get the help they need with no technical skills.

I’ll probably think of more things I must learn to get my gout community thriving as it was 5 years ago.

I’ve found out how to manage my gout. Now I need to learn how to help other gout sufferers manage their gout. If you can help me learn these new skills, please tell me in the new gout forum.

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  1. Keith Taylor (Post author)

    My latest update about GoutPal’s gout forum mentions delays in answering gout questions. I’m confident that my new approach will bring the gout forum back to speed.

    Please keep asking your gout questions in my gout forum.

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