GoutPal Workflow

GoutPal Workflow is aimed at all GoutPal Patrons. It is my notes about topics that I am working on. Originally, it was published as a Patreon patron-only post. I have dumped Patreon in favor of providing patron-only content on this website.

Currently, I am finalizing details of how my patronage scheme will work. Therefore, despite being tagged ‘GoutPal Patrons Only’, this article is visible to all.

Original article pasted directly from Patreon (so, to be read in that context):

GoutPal Workflow

These are my working notes. Therefore, they are not spell-checked. And, I do not proofread them, or edit them for publication. So, please ignore spelling and grammar errors. But, if those errors mean you can’t understand what I’m writing, please tell me in the comments. You probably thought it was enough to contribute as a patron. But, no! I’m expecting you to pay to be a proofreader! (no smilies here, so 😉 )

All GoutPal followers should know: It’s Your GoutPal. And now, that’s changing. To be more accountable, I’m publishing my entire creative process. OK, it’s not all going to be public. I’m restricting pre-publication processes to GoutPal Angels.

GoutPal Angels is my term for you, and other patrons. I wrote about different patrons at the beginning of Introducing GoutPal Plus. This very second, I just coined the term GoutPal Angels, to cover different types of consistent contributor.  

Recently, I’ve used my GoutPal Suggestion Box to hold ideas for new content. From there, I have created notes in the admin area of the GoutPal website. Now, I’m using posts just like this one. As I complete my project for GoutPal Angels, I will duplicate posts like this in The GoutPal Story. Those posts will be restricted to GoutPal members who have earned enough Ŧallars. It’s early days for this, and I might post at GoutPal.info, then duplicate here. So now, my workflow becomes:

  1. Collect ideas for new and improved gout information in GoutPal Suggestion Box.
  2. When I complete an idea, review the ideas list, and mark topics I’m working on as Favorites. These are the items in my current GoutPal task list. Post my ideas review for GoutPal Detectives, and above.
  3. To make room for new information, I’ll review existing posts that relate to each new idea. If I delete old information, I’ll post it here first, for GoutPal Historians, and above. That’s the last time I write ‘and above’ – I think you get the picture.
  4. For each new topic, I’ll start a post like this. I’m hoping that leads to some discussions here in the Patreon Community, or in the gout forum. As I do more research, I’ll add to this post. Eventually, I’ll have enough material to create a new article or training course.
  5. I will start a draft in the GoutPal website admin area. Then, I’ll copy that draft here as a new post for GoutPal Enthusiasts.
  6. Once I’m happy with the draft, I’ll post the finished article here for GoutPal Scholars. After a month, I will publish it for the gout suffering public, on my website. If all GoutPal Scholars agree, I might publish before one month.

I hope that’s clear.

Originally, I posted this for GoutPal Researchers, as it is a new topic (step 4). But, it’s wrong to include GoutPal admin stuff in new ideas. Therefore, I’ve moved this so all Patrons can read it. So, I’ll always make posts tagged “GoutPal Story” available to all Patrons.

Was this what you expected when you signed up as a GoutPal Patron? How can I do things better for you and other gout sufferers?

Thank you for visiting The GoutPal Story

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