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In GoutPal Visitor Experience Optimization I’m combining thoughts from GoutPal.com For You and GoutPal Plans For 2016. And, I’m adding some new thoughts.

I want GoutPal.com to be more learning focused.
I want the learning routes to be clearer.
I want to clearly identify groups of visitors with common learning objectives.

Visitor Groups

Rather than waste time planning the groups, I need to grow them organically.

Each time I write a new article, or amend an existing one, I will include a statement about who the article is intended for. I’ll link this to a discussion on GoutPal.net, with a reverse link back. Collectively, we will come up with Visitor Group suggestions. Each visitor group will get a new GoutPal Category, and guidelines for how to learn relevant facts.

GoutPal Learning Streams

Learning About Gout photo

Learning About GoutPal

Random browsing and searching
For people who want to learn general information about gout in an unstructured way. Especially useful for one-off questions, or groups of questions. Needs clear help all along the way. Search box should be in form with link to search help. Results page needs to encourage people to seek clarification on how pages refer to them.
Groups of exercises can makeup lessons. The emphasis is to find out which key points depend on visitor choices. Then help visitors make choices in the forum if they cannot rely on their own experience or their health adviser’s experience.
These support Exercises/Lessons. They must contain references to peer-reviewed research, or other valued archives.

Visitors should be encouraged to record:

  • Personal gout facts.
  • Personal views about GoutPal facts and explanations
  • Personal thoughts on Key Points from exercises and lessons

These records should be based around links to forum now. But, they can be enhanced to integrate automatically, or develop as an app.

Optionally, members could apply for Badges if they have linked GoutPal pages into their personal forum.

I should encourage these routines with Learning newsletter, but need to settle if this is GoutPal or KeČaTa based.

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  1. Keith Taylor (Post author)

    I’ve now started the GoutPal Groups (archive).

    I’m going to add Topic Tags in the Gout Forum to reflect theses user groups. I’ll do this as I answer new topics. I’ll also check old topics, and tag them or delete & redirect them.

    As I identify pages that are relevant to discussions, I’ll also try using the URL as a Topic Tag. If that looks bad, then I’ll try some other form of linking. I think it’s important for future development that visitors can see which GoutPal pages they have annotated in the gout forum.

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