GoutPal Plans For 2016

With GoutPal’s forum move on track, I’ve taken a moment to prepare some outline plans for early 2016.

Taking GoutPal as a whole, I’m please that my plans for 2015 have worked out. Some aspects could have gone better, but overall figures are good. Last year, I decided to focus on helping as many gout sufferers as possible. I stopped all attempts to improve revenue. Instead, I wanted to regain lost website traffic.

Ending 2015 on 200k visitors per month is good. Much better than my peak of just over 150k, three and a half years ago. But, by the 5th anniversary of my accident, I want 250k per month. That’s my target for April 2016, rising to half million by end of year.

Success depends on transferring and boosting gout forum traffic. The transfer of function is complete. Now, I must ensure that the number of gout sufferers using my gout forum continues to rise. That makes it a bad time to reorganise GoutPal.com, now. But, it can be slowly improved as new routines for improved personal support gain traction.

I plan to slowly improve key pages, developing connections between guidelines and personal management plans. GoutPal.com and GoutPal.net connect to create templates for practical solutions to real-life cases. In turn, these templates will provide a logical structure for guideline navigation.

The main admin routines are in place to make this happen. So, it’s just a question of where to start. Some of the following ideas for improving GoutPal information are in note form. I’m recording them here, so I can refer to them this year as I implement my plans.

Gout Treatment Plans For 2016

Analysis of performance shows that gout treatment is the best starting point. Therefore, my current treatment guidelines need a better overview. I will create an introduction to clarify the target audience. That needs a link to main treatment content for those who are definitely looking for gout treatment information.

Reasons why other gout guideline sections are more suitable:

  • No diagnosis, or not sure it’s gout – go to symptoms and diagnosis. Causes might even identify you as somebody who doesn’t need gout treatment (secondary gout).
  • Want to focus on food? go to gout diet, especially, food as a gout treatment. (which only works if your diet is really bad).

The gout treatment introduction starts with 2 main choices:

  1. Gout pain control, uric acid control, or both?
  2. Type of gout treatment. That’s any combination of pharma, herbal, or non-medical. (if you’re wanting other two choices, you should have left by now to remove causes or gout diet)

Every gout sufferer who has decided they need a gout treatment plan must make those choices about their objectives. Whatever the reason for wanting gout treatment, the reality check starts now. So, before the list of different specific treatments, we need a new section guiding this process.

Emphasize personal gout treatment help is available in forum. Also, helpdesk or doctor. All require decisions about type of treatment being sought before specifics can be prescribed.
Show example of helpdesk form, completed with typical question, and link to page with more examples. Example pages can be blog posts for now, or part of management plan pages if keyword is proved.

Is 2016 an end to Gout Keyword Research?

The short answer is no. However, habits prevent me from ignoring gout keyword research completely.

Whilst checking gout treatment market information, 7 top categories emerged, ranked by importance:
5: gout diet
5: what is gout
4: gout symptoms
3: gout treatment
1: what causes gout
1: symptoms of gout
1: gout medication

That’s almost my idea for a new GoutPal menu. Bottom 3 could be moved off main menu as they are key parts of other categories. Best use them for management plans. Objective is to use blog posts to get plans established, then when all are finished, start moving them to pages based on real traffic numbers!

Gout treatment information can start around these topics:
Gout treatment guideline categories (33.1) : treatment for gout (4.4), natural gout treatment (1), treatment of gout (.7), gout treatment at home (.7), treatments for gout (.5), acute gout treatment (.5), natural treatment for gout (.4), gout treatment guidelines (.4), gout treatments (.4)

Gout medication management categories (12.1): medication for gout (1.6), g ms (1.6), g m list (.5), g m over the counter (.3), over the counter g m (.3), g pain m (.2), g m allopurinol (.2), g m names (.2)

That’s enough for now. It’s a glimpse into the future of GoutPal. I’ll report on progress as it happens, along with news of more plans for improved gout information.

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  1. Keith Taylor (Post author)

    It would be good to see how the Gout Treatment hub page changes over the next few weeks. These long pages do not lend themselves to snapshots. The best thing is to see the archive: GoutPal’s Gout Treatment Information 2015. That’s from 7 Jun 2015, but indistinguishable from today.

  2. Keith Taylor (Post author)

    I like the idea of using the Wayback Machine to record the history of GoutPal. Here’s today’s chapter of the GoutPal story, as it happened: The GoutPal Story 18 Jan 2016. 😎

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