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I still have lots to do with GoutPal’s Gout Network Relaunch.

My gout forum is working well at GoutPal.net. Unfortunately, it is not growing as fast as the old forum is shrinking. That’s not surprising.

There is a phenomenal amount of admin work with this type of change. I think I’ve finished changing all links from the old forum to the new one. But, I’ve barely started reviewing old discussions and moving those to the new forum.

The biggest reason for delay is being overwhelmed by gout help requests. The solution to that problem came unexpectedly.

GoutPal Gout Forum New Direction

During recent months, I’ve been racking my brains. I’ve been trying to develop new ways to provide personal gout help. My gout forum has always been the best way I can provide that help. So, I extended it with sub-forums. They helped me organize personal gout profiles, and personal gout management plans.

Unfortunately, such personal gout support takes many hours. I’ve been happy to spend that time. But, I’ve been frustrated by the high percentage of people who never respond to my detailed suggestions.

As I was editing gout forum links, I stumbled on an old description of my reasons for providing the gout forum support service. In that, I described my main aim as being to improve the guidelines at GoutPal.com. Personal help was my secondary aim. The logic of that was sound at the time, and experience has taught me that it still is.

Personal help remains the cornerstone of gout support. Gout patients must have personal gout management plans. But, they should get gout treatment plans from doctors, not from gout forums on the Internet. So, my gout forums don’t really need a new direction. They need to return to the old direction. But, in new, more effective, ways.

So, I will now focus on tying gout forum responses back to improved guidelines. I also intend to try and make prioritizing tasks more democratic. I will promote my gout community as part of a collection of forums that is group managed.

Clearing Log Jam photo

Restart the flow. Clear the log jam. (Photo courtesy danbullard.com)

At last, I see ways to manage the burden of high volumes of help requests from forums and the gout helpdesk.
I’m not putting a timescale on this, but I expect the logjam of gout questions to flow quickly very soon.

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