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GoutPal.com Organization 2015

After 10 years of GoutPal.com, it’s time to move from subject oriented organization to visitor oriented organization.

I’m retaining topic tags and I will index these into subject area groups. I think it is important that people can browse gout diet topics, gout treatment topics, etc. But the existing subject categories are not adding much value. I’m going to alter categories to identify different groups of visitors. So, when people are interested in a particular aspect of gout, I want them to be able to relate articles to their current status.

Current GoutPal.com Categories

GoutPal.com categories are currently numbered: (1) Gout Symptoms & Diagnosis; (2) Gout Treatment; (3) Gout Diet; with a few additional categories for uric acid, gout-related, etc. Though this reflects the best linear consideration of gout subjects, it only really helps people who already understand this.

For most visitors, who are approaching the website from different landing pages, this does little to ease the confusion. The 3 subjects of Symptoms, Treatment, and Diet are still relevant. However, the categories need to identify better with how visitors feel about their gout.

So, I will break each category into 3 approaches. Furthermore, I will identify different styles of gout management. I will distinguish between groups of people like myself who want to know everything (learner), people who want to be told exactly what to do (apprentice), and people who want to manage themselves (analyst). The Gout Analyst group relates to current embryonic gout management plans. They are general templates for personal plans.

This links neatly into the new forum style. To make this work, I have to identify a range of plans for symptoms & diagnosis, treatment, and diet. These are:

Gout Symptoms and Diagnosis

Gout Diagnosis Plan
For people who think they might have gout, but don’t have a gout diagnosis. Also for gout patients who have a diagnosis, but don’t believe it.
Gout Causes Plan
For diagnosed gout patients who struggle to accept it, and want to know ‘Why Me?’
Gout Symptoms Plan
For diagnosed gout patients who want to understand their symptoms better in order to get the best treatment.

Gout Treatment

Gout Sufferer Support
For people with no plan who are taking supplements and treatments randomly without an adviser
Gout Patient Support
For people who want a general gout treatment routine managed by themselves or their doctor
Personal Gout Treatment
For people who want a personal uric acid lowering plan

Gout Diet

Stop Unhealthy Eating
General healthy eating plan. Loosely linked to gout, so deal with at Foodary/EFSEP.
Positive Health Plan
Additions to healthy eating plan for general gout improvement
Gout Diet Plan
Personal gout diet based on gout treatment plan and personal food preferences

Current Gout Status

This relates to specific stages of gout development. I will develop processes that identify these states, and offer Gout Emergency Room service, or links to relevant guidelines.

Fearing, or expecting gout, but not yet attacked
First Flare
First gout attack
Between Attacks
Had more than one attack, but currently not suffering
Recurrent Gout
Gout keeps returning more frequently, with longer, more intense attacks
Gout Lumps
Tophaceous gout
Untreatable Gout
Recalcitrant gout needs specialist care

This is basically a matrix for people who need Pain Control Plan, Allopurinol Plan, Uloric Plan, or Probenecid Plan.

My Gout at GoutPal.com

GoutPal.com Organization 2015I will organize these new categories in a new ‘My Gout’ section within GoutPal.com. As well as indexing relevant areas of GoutPal.com, I will include links out to relevant resources. This is especially true of my gout network at GoutPal.net.

GoutPal.com For You: Document History

Date Revision
Dec 08, 2015 (first archive). First Published.
Sep 29, 2016 (archive). Link added to GoutPal Visitor Experience Optimization, which emphasizes the new direction for GoutPal. It is changing from a personal project, for Keith Taylor to learn about his gout. It is becoming a global resource, for all gout sufferers to learn how to control their gout.

If you see gout pages that I should improve, please suggest a GoutPal page review.

Comments (2)

  1. Keith Taylor (Post author)

    It’s time to take a new view on GoutPal Organization.

    Since writing this, I have introduced Gout Groups, and Personal Gout Diaries. Gout Diaries are useful for all Gout Sufferers. But, they are also a gateway to GoutPal Management Plans. After a false start with management plans, I realized we need a better way to manage personal gout profiles. So, now, it is much clearer how gout management plans will work. Therefore, I’ve renamed them as Structured Gout Help. And, I’m waiting for the first applicants.

    These new improvements need reflecting in GoutPal Organization. But, the new services do not incorporate the “Current Gout Status” list from above. Therefore, I need a review that reflects:

    Change GoutPal names to focus on personal aspects of gout:
    My GoutPal – GoutPal.com.
    Your GoutPal – GoutPal.net.
    Our GoutPal – GoutPal.org.

    And, maybe, this website should be renamed The GoutPal Story? Because, GoutPal Information should be a section of GoutPal.com that includes all the usual pages in “About GoutPal”. This needs to be reviewed to ensure it best helps visitors understand how GoutPal works for them. At the moment, I’m planning to change the GoutPal.com menu. This will replace the management plan items with:
    New Top Menu Item: You and GoutPal. Explains Gout Groups, and how to get the best out of GoutPal from a personal point of view.
    New Menu Item above Gout Search: GoutPal and You. Explains GoutPal from my perspective. But, also explains how each element of GoutPal is important for personal gout management.

    Wizards and surveys will become an important new part of GoutPal.net. This needs to start with:
    Gout Groups.
    Current Gout Status.
    New Gout Symptoms Survey.
    New Quality Surveys for Diagnosis, and for Treatment.

  2. Keith Taylor (Post author)

    It’s been a frustrating couple of years as the changes I planned have repeatedly failed to make confident improvements. So I’ve backtracked because GoutPal.com became too big and unwieldy to navigate.

    Now I’m almost starting again. So it’s time for more decluttering and a cleaner approach.

    At the most basic level, I’m moving all resources back to GoutPal.org. Because I want to create a mapped collection of studies, products, and services that is categorized by type of gout sufferer. Additionally, I’ll change the prime navigation tool to be a Gout FAQ. So that creates the scientific base that gout patients can consult in conjunction with their doctors.

    Next, I add a “Lesson” layer which provides structured learning material for common gout sufferer situations. Because new science indicates common problems and I believe it reflects years of typical topics from the gout forum. But I need to test that theory with detailed analysis and provide real-life examples.

    Finally, I add a personal level of support where patients can’t get what they need from their doctors. So as well as the current casual Q&A form, I’ll add courses that give personal approaches to the subjects I’ve identified in the Lesson Layer.

    As the most annoying and persistent problem is “normal uric acid” I’m going to revive nuant.GoutPal.org as an experiment. Then adapt that experience across all topics. Or continue with a fragmented approach for other common problems.

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