GoutPal 2015

GoutPal.com Oct 1st 2015

In contrast to the early years of GoutPal, today’s GoutPal is a much busier place.

It’s busier in many ways.

  • Many more GoutPal.com gout facts pages
  • More GoutPal gout support services
  • More GoutPal websites
  • More GoutPal readers and responders
  • More searches for GoutPal

More GoutPal Searches

Starting with the last item, GoutPal is now a recognized resource throughout the world of gout. When I first started GoutPal, if you searched for it, Google would suggest Goutal, a French perfumer. Now, there are around a thousand searches a month for GoutPal, or a close variant. Of course, I’d like everyone who wants gout information to search for GoutPal. I guess I just need to work harder at getting GoutPal synonymous with gout.

More GoutPal Visitors

The number of visitors to GoutPal, and the number of those visitors who interact with my services are both interesting. Over the years, there has been ups and downs as my fortunes have changed. I’ll be covering those in more detail as I continue reviewing the history of GoutPal.

More GoutPal Websites

I first started to run interactive support services from a separate website in December 2006. My original platform for GoutPal.com was severely limiting. However, that’s more for the ‘GoutPal History’ series.

Right now on GoutPal, I’m reorganizing my services completely:

  • I’m moving gout forums to GoutPal.net.
  • I’m moving gout resources to GoutPal.org.

As I move them, I’m introducing new services and features.

More GoutPal Services

I recognize that each gout sufferer has their own preferences for learning about gout. Therefore, I’m presenting gout information in different ways to suit different learning styles.

I’m also experimenting with different platforms, such as the free SMS gout support service for the UK. I’d like to extend that, and I’ll write about future GoutPal plans separately.

Ideally, you will tell me what you think is missing (see below). Then I will do my best to bring you the services that you need.

More GoutPal Pages

Over the years, as I’ve tried to cover every gout topic under the sun, GoutPal.com has grown to well over 1,000 pages. The gout forum has almost 20,000 discussion pages! I now realize this needs radical reorganizing, and ruthless simplification.

Recently, I started the simplification process by condensing the GoutPal.com menu down to 7 key areas you see above. I’m reorganizing the site around these key areas, and linking forum discussions more tightly. But that’s for the future, and I’m doing a whole series of posts about ideas in the GoutPal pipeline.

The second most important feature of every GoutPal page is that search box. In it, you can ask every question you can think of about gout. You’ll soon have enough information to start your journey to Gout Freedom.

The most important feature of every GoutPal page is you. I present thousands of facts about gout. I need you to make them relevant.

Every gout sufferer is unique. You need unique personal gout management plans to help you control your gout. So share your questions, experiences, and opinions about GoutPal in the gout forum.

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