Gluten and Uric Acid

Gluten and Uric Acid

This is my review of a gluten and uric acid study. In which I will explain the key points for gout sufferers. So this is for people who are concerned about how gluten affects gout. Because it helps you discuss your gout diet concerns with health professionals. In the hope that you can support your doctor’s treatment plan with better food choices.

Citation for Gluten and Uric Acid

This is a GoutPal review of:
Jenkins, David JA, Cyril WC Kendall, Edward Vidgen, Livia SA Augustin, Marjan van Erk, Anouk Geelen, Tina Parker et al. “High-protein diets in hyperlipidemia: effect of wheat gluten on serum lipids, uric acid, and renal function.” The American journal of clinical nutrition 74, no. 1 (2001): 57-63.

At the time of writing, this study has been cited by 142 other studies.

Gluten and Uric Acid Purpose

The purpose of this study is to measure changes in uric acid and kidney function from diets high in gluten, a vegetable protein.

Jargon-free Abstract

In the jargon-free abstract I present the key points of the original abstract. Replacing jargon with terms more familiar to unqualified people interested in gout. In that respect, I have ignored some aspects of the study that are not gout related. Note that my selection of jargon terms might not match yours. So please leave a note in the feedback form near the end of the page if you need clarification.

Background / Introduction
Recently, there has been lots of interest in cholesterol reduction by soy proteins. But no studies of how diets high in vegetable proteins might affect other processes in our bodies.
20 people ate different types of bread for one month. The control bread had 16% vegetable protein. Compared to the high-protein bread where starch was replaced with wheat gluten to make 27% vegetable protein.
Results / Findings
Uric acid in the high-protein diet fell by an average 12.7%.

Original Abstract

Background: The metabolic effects of diets high in vegetable protein have not been assessed despite much recent interest in the effect of soy proteins in reducing serum cholesterol.

Objective: We assessed the metabolic effects of diets high in vegetable protein (specifically, wheat gluten) on serum lipids, uric acid concentrations, and renal function.

Design: Twenty hyperlipidemic men and women consumed isoenergetic test (high-protein) and control metabolic diets for 1 mo in a randomized crossover design. In the high-protein diet, 11% of the total dietary energy from starch in the control bread was replaced by vegetable protein (wheat gluten), resulting in 27% of total energy from protein compared with 16% in the control diet. In other respects, the 2 diets were identical.

Results: Compared with the control, the high-protein diet resulted in lower serum concentrations of triacylglycerol (by 19.2 ± 5.6%; P = 0.003), uric acid (by 12.7 ± 2.0%; P

Gluten and Uric Acid Conclusions

Wheat gluten can reduce uric acid in the blood. As well as helping with gout, that reduction is also linked to lower heart and blood vessel disease risks.

a high intake of vegetable protein in the form of added wheat gluten may have benefits […] uric acid concentrations were reduced, an additional factor associated with cardiovascular disease risk reduction.

Wheat Gluten Lowers Uric Acid

Cited By

Gluten and Gout
Currently, I have not cited this study in any of my articles. So it remains an idea for improving gout diet articles. Probably in relation to pages that mention cereals such as wheat, rye, barley that are commonly mentioned as gluten food sources. Also, as a source in gout discussions that mention gluten. However, I will first investigate gluten food sources more thoroughly in the Foodary Library.

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Gluten and Uric Acid Vocabulary

  • cardiovascular

    ⇢ heart and blood vessels

  • metabolism

    ⇢ chemical processes in our bodies that maintain life

  • serum

    ⇢ liquid part of the blood