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Do Raisins Raise Uric Acid?
Do Raisins Raise Uric Acid?

Raisins are popular as a fruity snack. Or as an ingredient in cold breakfast cereals, and warm pies and cakes. But how many raisins should gout sufferers consume?

Raisin & Uric Acid Research Topics

Here are my brief summaries of three investigations into how raisin consumption affects uric acid levels.

Raisin Extract May Lower Uric Acid

Researchers prepared a raisin extract called "Karkni". By soaking ground raisins in water. After 2 weeks, low and moderate doses reduced uric acid in rats. But the highest dose was least effective.

Ghrairi, F., Amira, E.A., Henda, C., Lahouar, L., Achour, L. and Said, S., 2012. Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of raisin aqueous extract “Karkni” in Alloxan-induced diabetic rats. J Diabetes Metab, 3(8), p.217.

In our study, “Karkni” extract showed a significant decrease in levels of uric acid in (D+C1) and (D+C2) groups when compared with those of diabetic control. But it was still remaining higher in (D+C3) group

High Raisin Intake Increases Uric Acid

Human volunteers consumed about 5 oz (144 g) Corinthian raisins (described as "an acute amount"). Then researchers measured uric acid in their blood at hourly intervals.

Kanellos, P.T., Kaliora, A.C., Gioxari, A., Christopoulou, G.O., Kalogeropoulos, N. and Karathanos, V.T., 2013. Absorption and bioavailability of antioxidant phytochemicals and increase of serum oxidation resistance in healthy subjects following supplementation with raisins. Plant foods for human nutrition, 68(4), pp.411-415.

To check the existence of confounding effect from uric acid, we measured the levels of serum uric acid before and 1, 2, 3 and 4 h after raisin supplementation. The increase in uric acid occurred 3 and 4 h following ingestion, but not at peak time of serum resistance, namely 1 h after ingestion

Moderate Raisin Intake Does Not Change Uric Acid

Human diabetics were separated into groups of raisin eaters and abstainers. For 24 weeks, the raisin eating group consumed 1¼ oz (36 g) per day of Corinthian raisins.

Kanellos, P.T., Kaliora, A.C., Tentolouris, N.K., Argiana, V., Perrea, D., Kalogeropoulos, N., Kountouri, A.M. and Karathanos, V.T., 2014. A pilot, randomized controlled trial to examine the health outcomes of raisin consumption in patients with diabetes. Nutrition, 30(3), pp.358-364.

Levels of endogenous antioxidants, namely uric acid and albumin, did not differ between the two groups at the end point.
Do Raisins Raise Uric Acid?
Do Raisins Raise Uric Acid?

Your Raisins & Uric Acid Research Research Topics

Which aspects of raisins are you interested in? How do you think raisins might help or hinder your gout?

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