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Milk For Gout Research
Milk For Gout Research

During the last 15 years or so, I've seen an increasing amount of research into drinking milk for gout. So here are some recent updates and confirmations.

Milk For Gout Research Topics

Individual gout sufferers must consider the quantity and type of milk they will drink. So here are 3 studies that present choices you can discuss with your doctor as you develop your gout management plan together. Later, I will refer to these studies as I update articles on

UHT Milk For Gout

My first study is a laboratory investigation into the qualities of cow's milk. Assessing xanthine oxidase activity in whole and low-fat milk. Which was either pasteurized or UHT (Ultra High Treated). The researchers suggest that UHT milk is best for gout sufferers based on xanthine oxidase activity results.

Sha, W., Hou, C., Yuan, E., Li, Y. and Ren, J., 2021. Different processed milk with residual xanthine oxidase activity and risk of increasing serum uric acid level. Food Bioscience, 40, p.100892.

Considering that whole milk has essential benefits for human health and based on our findings that the UHT process can alter XO structure and inactivate the XO in whole milk, UHT processed whole milk can be highly beneficial for those who want to avoid gout flares.

More Than Milk For Gout

My second study is a large statistical analysis of gout sufferers eating patterns over many years. Identifying important dietary targets. Including the significant one for this milk review in bold:

  • Limiting meat intake.
  • Limiting drinking of alcohol beverages.
  • Limiting or decreasing intake of salt, oils and fats, and confectioneries.
  • Avoidance of excessive intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and sugary foods. Including desserts and sweets.
  • Increasing the intake of milk and dairy products (particularly low-fat dairy products).

Koguchi, T., 2022. Modification of animal product intake for prevention of gout in Japanese people in 2019: 2022 update. American Journal of Health Research, 10(4), pp.140-153.

Higher intake of dairy products and low-fat dairy products were associated with decreased gout risk, respectively. This result suggests that increase in daily intake of milk and dairy products (especially low-fat dairy products) in Japanese people is essential for the prevention of gout.

Milk For Gout Guidelines

My final study is the 2022 update to Austrian professional evidence-based gout nutrition guidelines. Focused on the 8th of 10 recommendations. The authors comment that the evidence for their milk for gout guideline is the highest level of all 10 recommendations.

Sautner, J., Eichbauer-Sturm, G., Gruber, J., Lunzer, R. and Puchner, R.J., 2022. 2022 update of the Austrian Society of Rheumatology and Rehabilitation nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for patients with gout and hyperuricemia. Wiener klinische Wochenschrift, 134(13), pp.546-554.

8. Regular consumption of (low-fat) milk/dairy products can lower SUA levels and is recommended for all gout patients.

I have used the graphical representation from this final study as my featured image for this review. Because it summarizes findings common to many investigations into drinking milk for gout. Namely, that your milk consumption plan has to be part of a complete personalized lifestyle plan.

Milk For Gout Research
Milk For Gout Research

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