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Is Lettuce High in Uric Acid?
Is Lettuce High in Uric Acid?

Lettuce is another plant with scientific hints that it should be good for gout. But no conclusive proof of how it might help human gout sufferers. Nevertheless, the following studies might help you and your health advisers discuss possible changes to your lettuce consumption.

Lettuce & Uric Acid Research Topics

We only have animal studies to show the effects of lettuce consumption on uric acid.

Lettuce Oil and Uric Acid

My first lettuce study reports uric acid decrease after treating rats with lettuce oil.

Eleiwa, N., Salem, I. and Abd-Elgayed, S., 2007. Biological and chemo-pathological comparative study on the effect of insulin and lettuce oil on experimentally-induced diabetic rats. Zagazig Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 16(2), pp.17-26.

there was a significant decrease in the uric acid and creatine in the group fed on Lettuce Oil 6% only compared to the control group

Lettuce Powder and Uric Acid

In this study, mice were fed different dosages of dried, ground, purple-leaved lettuce. This appears to show lower uric acid at high doses compared to low doses. But the results are not clear.

Han, Y., Zhao, C., He, X., Sheng, Y., Ma, T., Sun, Z., Liu, X., Liu, C., Fan, S., Xu, W. and Huang, K., 2018. Purple lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) attenuates metabolic disorders in diet induced obesity. Journal of Functional Foods, 45, pp.462-470.

Fermented Lettuce Extract and Uric Acid

Diabetes-induced mice in two groups were fed noodles with or without fermented lettuce extract. Researchers reported that uric acid was lower in the fermented lettuce extract group.

Jeong, S.Y., Kim, E., Zhang, M., Lee, Y.S., Ji, B., Lee, S.H., Cheong, Y.E., Yun, S.I., Kim, Y.S., Kim, K.H. and Kim, M.S., 2021. Antidiabetic effect of noodles containing fermented lettuce extracts. Metabolites, 11(8), p.520.

uric acid and inosine were lower in the Fermented Lettuce Extract noodles group, compared with the standard group.

Lettuce Seeds and Uric Acid

This study compares lettuce seeds or parsley seeds with a control group. With results showing that both seeds reduce uric acid. But lettuce seeds are more effective than parsley seeds. However, I reported earlier that marrow seeds are more effective than lettuce seeds for lowering uric acid. Note that this study also draws comparisons with results of similar studies. So I will review those later, depending on levels of interest in this topic.

El-Sayed, M.M., Abd El-Rahman, A.N. and El-Shamy, A.S., 2015. Studing the Effect of Some Plant Seeds on Improving Fertility in Experimental Rats. Journal of Home Economics, 25(4).

[221009-lettuce-seeds-uric-acid-2015.pdf in GoutPal Links Member's Files folder]

The best group in serum uric acid were in ML5% (Male group fed on lettuce 5%) when compared with control (+) group.

Is Lettuce High in Uric Acid?
Is Lettuce High in Uric Acid?

Your Lettuce & Uric Acid Research Topics

Which aspects of lettuce are you interested in? How do you think lettuce might help or hinder your gout?

Please tell me your lettuce story in the Gout Forum.

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