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Banana & Uric Acid
Banana & Uric Acid

Fruit is an important food group for gout sufferers. Especially as it helps to reduce acid load at the kidneys. Because we know that low acid load helps reduce uric acid. Beyond that, there are very few gout studies for most fruits. However, I've found three that relate to uric acid.

Banana & Uric Acid Research Topics

Unfortunately, these are all laboratory or animal studies. So we cannot be certain about the effects of banana consumption in human gout sufferers.

Green Banana Reduces Uric Acid

This study uses a type of banana called `Valery` (banana prata). As a green banana biomass based on green bananas cooked with peel in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes. Then mixed in the blender with hot water. Also, the study used a high-fat diet to induce obesity in half the rats. Resulting in increased uric acid.

Lousek, N.F., Santos, N.C., Dourado, M.C.M., Pontieri, F.M., Teófilo, M.N.G., Castro, F.S., Costa, S.H.N., Blanch, G.T., Borges, A.F. and Gomes, C.M., 2021. Effects of green banana biomass (Musa spp.) on laboratory parameters of animal models of Wistar mice under hyperlipidic diet. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 40(5), pp.472-477.

The biomass was fed to half the control group of rats for 8 weeks. Also, half the obese group ate the green banana biomass.

The results showed that uric acid in the control group was not significantly changed by the banana biomass. But the obese subgroups results showed that banana reduced the elevated uric acid levels.

Banana Fruit Extract Reduces Uric Acid

This study used ultrasound to speed up extraction of active compounds from bananas that were pulped, dried, and powdered. The researchers then tested xanthine oxidase inhibition in the laboratory. Resulting in a uric acid reduction of just under 9%. Comparing it with allopurinol. With a uric acid reduction under 3%.

Irawan, C., Utami, A., Styani, E., Putri, I.D., Putri, R.K., Dewanta, A. and Ramadhanti, A., 2021. Potential of Ethanolic Extract from Ripe Musa balbisiana Colla Fruit Using Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction as An Antioxidant and Anti-Gout. Pharmacognosy Journal, 13(6).

ethanol extract with a concentration of 50 mg / L has activity in reducing uric acid levels by around 9%. It can be concluded that the ethanolic extract produced by UAE [Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction] has potential as a source of antioxidants and anti-gout.

Banana Peel Extract Reduces Uric Acid

This final study is similar to the previous one. Except it uses extract from banana peel instead of banana fruit. Resulting in a uric acid reduction of just under 28%. Compared with the allopurinol reduction of under 3%.

Putri, I.D., Irawan, C., Sukiman, M., Rahmatia, L., Styani, E., Novianti, A. and Dewanta, A., 2022. Application of Ultrasound Assisted Extraction on Ripe Banana Peels (Musa balbisiana Colla) and its Potential as an Antioxidant and Antigout Agent. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology, 15(2), pp.761-767.

the antigout activity was obtained 27.95±0.08% which was greater than Allupurinol [allopurinol], so that Musa balbisiana Colla banana peels has the potential as an alternative compound to reduce uric acid levels in the blood.

Banana & Uric Acid
Banana & Uric Acid

Your Banana & Uric Acid Research Story

Are you concerned about bananas affecting your gout? How do you think eating bananas might help or hinder your gout?

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