Anatomy of a GoutPal Page

Anatomy of a GoutPal Page is aimed at GoutPal Users.
It is my research notes for explaining my structure for most GoutPal facts pages.
You will learn how GoutPal pages are structured.
Knowing how GoutPal works, helps you learn relevant gout facts faster.

GoutPal Research Draft

This draft is part of an experiment in open publishing. In future, this subsection will be replaced by summary notes. It will tell you about the problems and questions that this draft article will answer. But, all notes below will be restricted to committed GoutPal supporters. I’m starting a discussion about this, next time I visit the gout forum.

I’m focusing on the ‘More Help’ subsection at this time.

My tasks are:
– Finish defining GoutPal Audience Groups. Gout Groups, plus Patron badge-holders (hosts?), plus Most Gout Sufferers, plus GoutPal Fans(?). Any more?
– Start suggestion box discussion about open publishing and patronage.
– Cash to Thank GoutPal.
– Time to Thank GoutPal page.
– Anonymous Help form.
– Anonymous GoutPal Help page, including similar form.
– Snippet to replace feedback form with new help section. 1 arg so far: topic;.
– Check Mentor and other links for consistency/clarity.
Create ideas for:
– Categories for this website.
– Using GoutPal training course.
– Onboarding routines for members and for visitors.

GoutPal Page Audience

That’s the first paragraph above. It should always include who the page is for (audience), and what you will learn (topic).

GoutPal Page Introduction

May include TOC, and definitely should do if page is more than 1,000 words. It introduces the topic with more information, especially linking to facts that you should know before you read about this topic.

Either here, or in the first paragraph, there should be links to follow if you are not in the intended audience. For this website, I’m still defining the audiences. My latest thoughts about audiences for the GoutPal Story are in Introducing GoutPal Plus.

Note, the audience for this page is GoutPal Users. Once I’ve finished defining the audience groups, I’ll create tags for them. The main groups are all the Gout Groups, plus a catchall for ‘Most Gout Sufferers’. In addition, this group, is people who want to learn how to use GoutPal better. Once I’ve finished ‘More Help’ and organized all the audience groups properly, I will do a ‘training course’ for GoutPal Users. Including, onboarding for new GoutPal Members.

As this website is now part of GoutPal Workflow. I need to reorganize the categories around past, present, future. Individual websites shouldn’t really be categories. If that is important, the categories are facts, network/community, resources.

GoutPal Page Body

What it’s all about, explaining key points about the topic.

GoutPal Page Review

In Anatomy of a GoutPal Page, you have learned how GoutPal pages are structured. Here is a summary of key points. And, a very important

take home message


GoutPal Page More Help

May include related topics, series list. This is the new bit that is very important at the moment.
GoutPal Help Services map draft
Here are 4 ways to get more help. If you don’t need more help on this topic, please read Can you help GoutPal after the help list.

1. Structured Help
If you are using GoutPal’s Structured Help, your Gout Mentor will have told you where to get more help.
2. Casual Help
For more help about [Gout Topic], ask in the Gout Forum.
3. Anonymous Help
If you wish to remain anonymous, I cannot give you personal help. But, I will try to improve this page to clarify your needs. Please make sure your message here is directly relevant to this page. If you want to send an anonymous message to GoutPal about a different aspect of gout, please use the form on Anonymous GoutPal Help. I’ve also written extra information on that page, about how anonymous gout help works.
4. Private Help
I have an idea about providing private gout help. Please join the discussion at .

Can you help GoutPal?

If you do not need any further help, please can you help me. If you have a few moments to spare, please tell me what you think about Time to Thank GoutPal. If you have a few dollars to spare, please support me at Cash to Thank GoutPal, or just donate.

Future enhancements:

Structured Help
Test if member is logged in to Structured Help, and replace entire help panel with personal progress info.
Casual Help
Replace general gout forum link, with link to page discussion. If no page discussion, link to audience discussion. Better still, embed a form to post to the correct forum topic.
Anonymous Help
Think about different anonymous forms for different audiences. Note, Helpdesk messages will be dealt with as Anonymous, unless they are technical questions. Need to change Helpdesk button to “Help me use this website” or similar.
Private Help
Start a suggestion box discussion.

GoutPal Page TL;DR

A summary of the key points and

take home message


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